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History, Folklore and Construction

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Recorded Boats
12ft punt
A. K. Ilen
Aigh Vie - Manx Nobby
Curach Adhmaid
Currach - Blasket Island
Currach - Inisheer Island
Currach - Inishturk Island
Currach - Inishkea Island
Currach - Scattery Island
Fishing Smack - Richard Hall
Free State
Galway hooker
Galway Hooker - Gleoiteog
Hanorah - Heir Island lobster Boat
Kerry Naomhóg
Kinsale Hooker
Lake Angling Boat - Lough Corrib
Lough Erne YC - Model 1
Lough Erne YC - Model 2
Lough Erne YC - Model 3
Lough Erne YC - Model 4
Lough Erne YC - Model 5
Lough Erne YC - Model 6
Lough Erne YC - Model 7
Lough Erne YC - Model 8
Lough Erne YC - Model 9
Naomh Brigid
Naomh Lua
Rankin dinghy
Seine Follower Boat
Tern - Hegarty Lobster Boat
Three Hand Kerry Naomhog - Model
Topaz - Manx Nobby
Water Nymph 1885
West Cork Mackerel Yawl
Jimmy Furey
Walter Levigne
McDonalds - Model 1
McDonalds - Model 2
McDonalds - Model 3
McDonalds - Model 4
McDonalds - Model 5
Tyrells - 35ft Motor Fishing Vessel
Tyrells - Model 1
Tyrells - Model 2
Tyrells - Model 3
Tyrells - Model 4
Tyrells - Model 5
Tyrells - Model 6
Tyrells - Model 7
Tyrells - Model 8
Tyrells - Model 9
Tyrells - Shipwright
Daingean Museum Store
Four Oared Boat
Two-masted carvel-built boat
GreenCastle Museum
GreenCastle Museum Model 1
GreenCastle Museum Model 2
GreenCastle Museum Model 3
GreenCastle Museum Model 4
Turlough Park Museum
Currach Collection
Museum Interior

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Maritime Publications

Book Cover Traditional Boats of Ireland Book
Title: Traditional Boats of Ireland:
History, Folklore and Construction
Author: C. MacCarthaigh (Author, Editor)
660pp, illustrated Hardcover
Published by: The Collins Press
Year: 2011
ISBN 1905172397

Book Cover Glorious Galway: Hookers, Curachs,
Lake and River-Boats Gaillimh na Seod,
Gaillimh faoi Sheol

Title:Glorious Galway: Hookers, Curachs,
Lake and River-Boats Gaillimh na Seod,
Gaillimh faoi Sheol
Author: Donal Lynch (Author),
Padraic de Bhaldraithe (Translator)
160pp, illustrated Hardcover
Published by: Meitheal Mara Teoranta
Year: 2011
ISBN 0-9567939-0-8

Book Cover The Galway Hookers
Title: The Galway Hookers
Author: Richard J. Scott
160pp, illustrated
Published by:
Year: 2004
ISBN 0-9547915-0-9

Book Cover The Drontheim
Title: The Drontheim, Fogotten
Sailing Boat of the North Irish Coast
Author: Dónal MacPolin
139pp, illustrated
Published by: Dónal MacPolin
Year: 1999
ISBN: 0-9536380-0-6

Book Cover Towelsail Yawls
Title: Towelsail Yawls, The Lobsterboats
of Heir Island and Roaringwater Bay
Author: Cormac Levis
148pp, illustrated
Published by: Galley Head Press
Year: 2002
ISBN: 0-9542159-0-7

Book Cover The Gandelow
Title: The Gandelow,
A Shannon Estuary Fishing Boat
Author: Jim McInerney
70pp, illustrated
Published by: A.K. Ilen Company Ltd
Year: 2005
ISBN: 0-9547915-1-7

Book Cover The Donegal Currachs
Title: The Donegal Currachs
Author: Dónal Mac Polin
119pp, illustrated
Published by: Ballyhay Books
Year: 2007
ISBN: 978-1-900935-63-0

Book Cover The Zulu Fishermen
Title: The Zulu Fishermen,
Forgotten Pioneers of Donegal's
First Fishing Industry
Author: Pat Conaghan
340pp, illustrated
Published by: Bygones Entterprise,
Year: 2003
ISBN: 0-9545279-0-9

Book Cover The Shores of Connemara
Title: The Shores of Connemara
Author: Séamas Mac an Iomaire
(translated and annotated by
Pádraic de Bhaldraithe)
184pp, illustrated
Published by: TírEolas
Year: 2000
ISBN: 1-873821-14-X

Book Cover Squires, Spalpeens & Sprats
Title: Squires, Spalpeens and Spats,
Oysters and Oystering in Galway Bay
Author: Noël P. Wilkins
125pp, illustrated
Published by: Noël P. Wilkins
Year: 2001
ISBN: 0-9540523-0-7

Book Cover Na Saora Bád / Shipwrights
Title: Na Saora Bád / Shipwrights (3 volumes:
The Galway Hooker, The Canvas Currach,
The Wooden Currach)
Author: Cian de Buitléar
32 / 36 / 32pp, illustrated
Published by: Cian de Buitléar
Year: 2005
ISBN: 0-9549023-2-7

Book Cover Sailing the Seaways
Title: Sailing the Seaways
Author: Michael McCaughan
128pp, illustrated
Published by: The Friar's Bush Press
Year: 1991
ISBN: 0-946872-45-7

Book Cover The Irish Currach Folk
Title: The Irish Currach Folk
Author: Richard Mac Cullagh
192pp, illustrated
Published by: Wolfhound Press
Year: 1992
ISBN: 0-86327-341-6

Book Cover Mackerel and the Making of Baltimore
Title: Mackerel and the Making of Baltimore,
County Cork, 1879-1913
Author: Séamus Fitzgerald
64pp, illustrated
Published by: Irish Academic Press
Year: 1999
ISBN: 0716526816

Book Cover Fan Inti
Title: Fan Inti
Author: Domhnall Mac Síthigh
256pp, illustrated
Published by: Coiscéim
Year: 2003
ISBN: none

Book Cover Loingseoir na Saoirse
Title: Loingseoir na Saoirse
Author: Pádraic de Bhaldraithe
43pp, illustrated
Published by: Coiscéim
Year: 1996
ISBN: none

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